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Monday, January 08, 2018
By Karen C Ricci
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Hello everyone!  I was given the honor to plan Ellie's Sweet 16 Celebration, and boy, was it an amazing and fun event!  When guests walked in, they were greeted with their seat assignments attached to a key...since they "all hold a key to Ellie's heart."  The gasps that were heard walking into the main ballroom at Prime, were pleasing to no end.  The silver, turquoise and dark pink balloons, Tiffany box favors (with a ring pop inside,) shiny pink and silver kisses and candlelight all shimmered in the dimly lit room.  The food at Prime at Saratoga National was perfect for the young adults and adults alike, and the buzz in the room while everyone caught up, ate and drank was exciting.  THEN started DJ Trumaster Trimingham's magic.  Once he started mixing, the 100+ kids ~ and many adults ~ didn't leave the dance floor until the lights came on.  Everyone still had a smile on their faces when they left with a bag of "Ellie's Sweet 16 Kisses" in their grasp.  It was a magical night that I'm sure Ellie is still dreaming about.  Thank you, Ellie, for letting me plan your special day!

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